Thing 4

#12: Extreme Biology

This was the first blog that I reviewed.  All I can say is “wow.”  Blogging is different from using a website in that people leave comments about what they have read in the blog, and others will then leave comments about those comments.  It’s similar to a website in that you can add you tube videos, flickr pictures, etc.

#1: Why I Don’t Assign Homework

This blog was very interesting.  Although the author was referring to math, I find that numbers 1 and 2 also refer to science: 1: kids who need homework the least do it and 2: those who need it the most won’t do it or will do the bare minimum.

#11: Energizing Your Classroom

Awesome blog.  I will try to add in those various sound effects, especially when doing “Jeopardy” with my students.  I was wondering if there is a way to take the individual circles with the sounds and add them to the desktop.

#13: Rationale for Educational Blogging

From reading that post, I am really beginning to understand why blogging is so important for students who happen to be so technologically savvy.  The point that blogging “engages students in conversation and learning” means that this could be a way for students who do not speak up in class to show that they also have something to say about whatever topic is being discussed.

#10: Spies Like Us

Wow.  I never really considered that my students could video what was occurring during class, and then post it on youtube for all the world to see.  The quote from the blog “we are to teach as if we are being watched at all times” makes a great point, because once something is on youtube, it will be watched at all times.  Pretty scary blog.

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